Posted by Ruth Todd

Our church’s July emphasis to think and pray about is higher Christian Education. Did you know there are 52 Nazarene colleges, universities and seminaries which are located in 35 countries and serving nearly 50,000 students?

These statistics reminded me that many people called to be ministers are not able to attend these schools. I loved the new missionary book about an on-library freely accessible to all of us with many books, in many languages, available to read and study. I listened to it as I drove … a great way to “read” the books.

On Tuesday, july 25, at church there will be a missions dinner … just bring yourself at 5:30 … with speakers Jay and Teanna Sunberg from Hungary. Would anyone like to have them stay with you overnight that Tuesday? It is a great opportunity to get to know our missionaries better.

Blessings as you pray for global and local missions!
Ruth Todd, NMI team leader