Posted by Ruth Todd

Do you remember the cool mission meeting we had last year with Melidee Cussins from India? She dressed some of us up in Indian clothes, fed us Indian snacks, and told us about what it is like to grow up in India. (This was not about Native Americans, but about people from the Asian country of India.) She will soon be with us again and will share pictures and stories. She would not mind at all if grown-ups came to the meeting!

Still working on the dates.

In the kinda unofficial contest between young and adult readers of this year’s mission books, kids and teens are WAY ahead! Just saying …

The book Eyewitness about Hungary is especially interesting since we just had Jay and Teanna Sunberg with us and that is where they live and work.

Blessings as you encourage people to respond to Jesus!
Ruth Todd, Missions Team Leaader